3M™ Membrane Switch Spacer Tapes

Membrane switches consist of graphic overlays, silver printed membrane circuits, tactile and backer layers all of which need to be bonded together to form a complete working switch. 3M™ Membrane Switch Spacers are essentially double coated tapes designed to bond and provide circuit separation in a membrane switch. Double coated tapes are intended to provide circuit separation.

Benefits of Membrane Switch Products

Typically 3M™ Membrane Switch Spacers are made out of combination of various adhesive and polyester gauges. 3M™ Laminating Adhesive 200MP is the industry standard and is the one of the most prevalent adhesives used in switches today. The adhesive is able to tolerate temperatures up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit short term while also offering outstanding solvent resistance and shear performance as well as excellent adhesion to high surface energy plastics and metals. 3M also offers other popular adhesive families such as 3M™ Laminating Adhesive 300LSE for low surface energy bonding requirements.

3M™ Membrane Switch Spacers also provide you with the assurance that your switch will be durable; performing through millions of actuations even in the most difficult environmental conditions.